3D Lashes Extension

Many people have become aware of the advantages of doing eyelash extensions. It has been popular for the past year, and many people have tried and actually satisfied about the result. It also has become a trend of the modern way to beautify your facial feature.

You might ever heard about 3D lashes extensions. It is one of the extension methods that could enhance the look of your lashes. The difference between the regular extensions and 3D, is that the regular extensions would give you natural look, meanwhile 3D would give you triple of the effects.

By using particular technique of applying, it would add the volume, thickness, and length of your eyelashes. It could also open up your eyes even more and give you the fresher impression and make you look younger. This method would give you more of a glamorous, sexy, and bold appearance. It would be the most perfect look for a special occasion.

How is it done?

This 3D technique application is similar with the regular eyelash extensions. It is applied individually to your existing eyelashes skillfully by the professionals. What makes it different, however, the amount of strands in each lashes that would be applied to fill the gaps between your existing lashes. The length of the high quality synthetic lashes that will be applied would be different, creating the effect of extra thickness and dimension to your lashes.

In the professionals' hands, the process does not take a long time. It would only take around one and a half hour to get it done. After that, you would instantly get the very satisfying result and a whole new look of your beautiful lashes.

Taking care of the extensions

  • Do not rub your eyes, especially after it was just applied
  • Do not use oil-based makeup or skin care to be more long-lasting
  • Do not tug or pull on your lashes