Different Skin, Different Issue

how to get rid of acne scars

Many people are not aware that there are various skin types. Even though they have read various tips on how to get rid of acne scars, but they don’t understand that and products only work to some people. Also, they don’t realize that acne is not as simple as they think it is.

Hormones and Allergic Related

Okay, first thing you need to understand, acne is just a way your body is telling you that something is wrong. It’s like being sick, your white blood cell is working at its best to warn the other body part. Two acne causes that often overlooked are hormones and allergy. Girls sure have noticed how their hormones change every month, just about in time for their acne. As for allergy, many people are not aware that they’re prone to some kind of allergic reaction when being exposed to their allergen.

Different Case Needs Different Treatment

Acne also has several types. There’s acne that only have a thin membrane that covered the pus. When you pop this most common acne form, it will leave a scar. If it’s clustered and popped them all, you’ll get an uneven and sponge-like face. Wash your face regularly to keep your face clean to avoid this kind of acne. Anyhow, there’s also acne that have thicker membrane and very persistent. You’d need regular scrubbing and maybe even visiting your dermatologist to get rid of this. Remember, not all acne is the same.

In case you still haven’t figured out your skin type, go ahead and do a simple test now. Look at your T zone and see if it’s a bit shiny or too shiny or even look dull. Too shiny means oily skin, while dull means dry skin. This might be a very simple test, but enough to know why you keep battling acne when you shouldn’t. Oily skin can be very sensitive and acne prone than others, but no need to worry since the acne that mostly occur is the easy-come-and-easy-go type. So no need for intense cleaning unless it’s really bad!