Doing Court Paternity Test: What to Prepare

Sometimes, you do not need a special reason to do a DNA test; you just want to make sure that you really have a family relationship with somebody, say your father or children. In this case, you can do home DNA testing by yourself. Get the testing kit from online laboratories, take your cell sample and send it back to the lab you purchase the kit. Within few days, you are going to get the reliable result. Very easy. However, the story will be different if you need to the so called Court paternity test. What is it actually?

Generally speaking, the paternity test is just similar to the one you do at home. You take the sample of your buccal cells and give it to the lab. The difference is that in the legal test like this, you cannot do everything on your own. The court has pointed accredited laboratories to do the test with the chain custody procedure, so you must go there if you want to know the result. In addition, there will be several things you need to prepare before you go to the lab, such as:


Legal DNA test is usually done due to several reasons. For example, claiming the financial support for your child when you are divorced, adopting a kid, proceeding your baby’s birth certificate and dealing with immigration stuff. Make sure you have a clear motivation to do the test or else, you had better choosing the type you can carry out at home.

Mental readiness

You know, DNA testing has 99.99% accuracy or even higher for the legal test. You may belief that you do have a paternity relationship with your child or you can be sure you and your kids have no dangerous illness in your genes. But, you cannot really claim it to be true unless you have the evidence in your hand. Therefore, prepare yourself no matter what the result will be.