eTags Is The Best Choice To Renew Vehicle Registration!

Things always get faster and simple when they are done online. Most of you might be bothered to renew vehicle registration by coming to an office. Now, you can save your time to do this tiring job by online. Welcome to our service, we offer you a fast and easier site to renew vehicle registration, change your address and title transfers u using eTags. We are serving only Florida and California. Just click registration button and you will be redirected into two options country.



Get the simplicity of our service with:

  • Check Fees instantly

You just need to enter the licence plate number to get this information.

  • A fast e-Copy Download

Our eTags is designed to make you feel comfort enjoy a fast e-copy download

  • Flexible

Once a service goes online, it is mobile friendly so you can do this everywhere whether you use a laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet.

  • Reminders

eTags also will remind you when you will renew vehicle registration to avoid late fees.

  • Live Support

We also provide you online support when you get trouble to renew vehicle registration by using ticket submission or phone on Monday-Friday at 9 a.m to 5 p.m

  • Delivery guarantee

If the registration is returned to us, we surely will contact you and resend it back.

Step to Renew Vehicle Registration


  1. Go to our home page
  2. Click "Renew your registration today"
  3. You will be redirected into two option: California and Florida
  4. Then you will need to choose vehicle type
  5. Secondly write down licence plate number and go on for the next instruction.


note: If you have your plate stolen, don't worry. A replacement will be sent for free in every year of new registration. Ensure you have police report