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Presence and Interaction Twitter with SoundCloud

Twitter is all about all about interaction. Consider it an ongoing conversation with your fans. When one of your fans tweets to you, feel free to reply or retweet if their statement or question is particularly intriguing or unique. Also, using a hashtag “#” before a particular word or phrase can spark a conversation. For example, if you wanted to ask fans about their thoughts on a new CD, you would probably want to add “#nameofyournewcdhere” in your tweet. If your hashtag is tweeted about enough, it begins to trend and is promoted on the Twitter homepage. There is no way to upload music directly onto your Twitter profile, but you can connect your account with a music profile that your fans already know about. It is also possible to embed links to your music from sites such as SoundCloud directly into your Tweets.

ReverbNation with SoundCloud

ReverbNation is an emerging social media site designed specifically for musicians. It allows you to upload your music and share it with your friends for free, or you can pay for a plan that allows your music to be distributed through iTunes and Amazon.

When you enter the site there is a link to sign up for free. ReverbNation will ask you what kind of account you would like to create. You will pick “Artist.” In the next window you will enter the name of the artist and agree to the terms and conditions of ReverbNation. You will have to verify your account through a confirmation email before you are able to update and make changes to your profile. After creating an account, you can choose to pay for premium services such as digital distribution, band apps and more. This is where you decide whether or not you want to sell your music elsewhere. With each plan you receive a different set of perks, the most expensive giving you access to the most amounts of sales opportunities including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

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