A Fun Game for All Ages

cornhole sets

Did you know that there is a game that you can play no matter what your age is? And it’s not monopoly or Life or any other board game. It’s a game called Bru-bag, a new game adapted from the classic Cornhole. What? This is the first time you hear about Cornhole? It’s okay, I’ll guide you through.

Classic Cornhole

The thing with classic cornhole is that it’s considered as an old man game. Not much young people are playing it; they prefer a more youthful throwing game like Darts or Skeeball. Anyhow, with Bru-bag in town, maybe more people are starting to know Cornhole, the original game it’s adapted from. There’s also a chance that Cornhole will get more popular. But that’s okay, because if Cornhole is popular, then Bru-bag will too as a more affordable and better alternative.

New Bru-Bag

Well, to learn about Bru-bag, you can use your old cornhole sets. Remember, only to learn. The idea is practically the same. You need to score a point by throwing the bag through the hole over a certain distance.  The rules between the two also have some similarities and differences. But it won’t be confusing for someone who have been playing Cornhole and then switching to Bru-bag.

Bru-bag is basically an outdoor game. It’s really great for a hot summer day, when you’re already bored by lounging by the pool side. But, you still can play it inside the house, when it’s raining or snowing outside. So yeah, your family competition can run all year around. The only problem is that this is a new game, so no legit competition is held yet. It’s still need a lot of socialization. And you can be an agent of change. Go ahead and order your Bru-Bag sets now, have a lot of fun with it and make people you know play with you and spread the joy.