Getting Assurance Wireless

In a busy city like New York, cell phone can be one of everyone’s needs. Assurance Wireless is available for people with low income and need cell phone. The Assurance Wireless will give 250 minutes free call for local and long distance every month. It will come without any charge service. But, if we need more than 250 minutes in a month, we can but the extra package of data plan which does not cost much. Those simple services will be useful for people who need it the most.

Assurance Wireless application

To get Assurance Wireless, we apply for it. We should use the valid US mailing address. The address should show where we live and domicile. Then, we are allowed to have one free cell phone service only, whether it is Assurance Wireless or other brands. On the other hand, we should fill the application. In New York, the application form is available in to methods.

The first method of the Assurance Wireless method is using income data. When we choose this application form, we should the guideline in New York. Our annual income should be at or under 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. Besides that, we should send the supported document with the application when we apply for the Assurance Wireless.

The second method is easier because we do not need supported document. Assurance Wireless is also available for people who have contributed in public assistance program. The public assistance programs which are supported for Assurance Wireless and available in New York are Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8, Food Stamps, Home Energy Assistance Program, Social Security Income, Medicaid, National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Those national programs have been set to support this product. Find out more at