Getting More Information about Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless

Since Safelink Wireless has been an option to get free plan for call and text message, you need to know more about this carrier. This government carrier is known as the oldest with the benefit of free phone call and text message. Since it is free, this free cell phone carrier will be given only those with certain condition. For instance, you will be qualified for this program as you join the public assistance program. It is given also as the appreciation for what you do in public assistance program. Those that considered with income below federal poverty guideline is also considered qualified for this free cell phone program.

The Benefit

This carrier will give you some benefits from its plan. Though you need to be qualified before you can enjoy the plan, getting enough detail about the benefit will help you understand why it will be worth it to try. You need to read more so that you will completely get the detail of its benefit offered. This is what you need to know about this free carrier with its free plan. There will be three different plans in total. For instance, there will be 68 free monthly minutes that you can get from the first plan. This is the benefit that you can find from Safelink. However, this is just one of more benefits that you can find from those three plans.

Other than those details above, you need to understand about this free cell phone carrier from government. You will need to find the section of learn more from the website such as This is also the best place where you can get more details about free cell phone carrier program from the government. Some benefits such as free 1,000 text messages and free international long distance are also some other benefits that you can find from this government carrier that will give you free call and text messages.