How to Order Home Paternity Test

home paternity test

With a little help from internet and technology, we can get anything easier. We can get many things from the internet without leaving home. The combination of the internet and the technology has brought an easy life for all of us who are able to access that. The easiness from the internet and technology also help us in getting home paternity test. Nowadays, there is home paternity test kit which can be ordered in the internet. We only need to search in the search engine the company that offers the service for home paternity test.

The regulation of the order

First step of ordering the home paternity test kit is filling the basic information. In this case, we need to fill how many participants who will involve in the paternity test. The least participants are two people and the most participants are four people. The shipping address can be two or one. For the price, the number of the participants will influence the price. The price will be higher if we include more people on the paternity test. For the shipping duration, we can get the test kit for two or three day without additional charge. But, we can ask for express delivery with extra $20.

Then, we fill the personal information form for every participant. Generally, the form only needs date of birth and relationship. It will be about all the participants. Then, we need to fill the shipping address. After that, we need to give extra information about the relevant thing that related to the home paternity test. We will be asked the contact phone and contact email.

The last thing we need to fill is related to the billing. The billing name and the billing address are filled in this step. Then, we are asked to fill the credit card information. After that, the transaction is done.