Knowing the Web Design Trends for this Year

web design

It seems that in the web design طراحی وب سایت field, we find similar things like in the fashion world. The trend of the web design seems like fashion, it will come and go every year. As web designers, we might need to know the current trend of the web design. The trend which applies on the web design mostly is about the components on the website.

Material Design

In 2015, Google’s Material design language becomes the inspiration for web designer. The Google’s Material design is a classic principle with digital patterns. The design is also influenced by the use of touch screen devices. The look of the design maybe seems flat in the interface.


Font and typography are essential elements on web design and design in any media. In current web design trend, the 3D typography seems very popular. The 3D typography trend comes along with 3D illustration. Generally, the 3D design will include gradients, shadow, and color overlays.

Mobile optimization

The mobile optimization becomes trend on the web design طراحی وب سایت nowadays. It happens because of the internet users. They mostly access it on the mobile devices. When they determine that the website is comfortable to be accessed on the mobile devices, they will say that it is a good website. Besides that, mobile optimization websites will be able to reach more people.

Bigger text and bigger image

Nowadays, people like reading on the website. As web designers, we should be able to make people happy reading the website. Besides the content, the image and the text should be eye-friendly. They should not easily feel tired reading the content. The recent trend on the web design is the use of bigger text. Then, the content is also featured with bigger image. Besides that, the use of HD screens may the bigger text and bigger image work effectively.