Registering for an Emotional Support Animal Letter to bring Pets into Restricted Areas

Although many people like to have pets as another member of their family, there are places where certain regulations do not allow people to have or bring pets in. This kind of condition can be found mostly in commercial transportations such as airplanes and in some public housings, like apartments and condominiums, as well. While it is an obligation that cannot be violated, people with certain conditions who are officially diagnosed by professional psychiatrist or therapist can get a legal privilege that allows them to not be charged with such rules.

The significance of Emotional Support Animal

Domesticated animals, especially cats and dogs, have been long believed to be able to treat people with mental disorders. In certain conditions, therapists can prescribe the accompaniment of a pet as a form of therapy. The pets used in such method are called Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Since it is a part of therapists’ prescription, it is a patient’s right to have an ESA with him or her; no matter where the patient is.

How to get a legitimate Emotional Support Animal letter

For people who are prescribed with ESA, there are some steps that need to be followed in order to register themselves for an Emotional Support Animalletter through register emotional support animal. First, they need to give an official statement from therapists/psychologists who handle them to an ESA institution. After the statement is approved, patients choose whether they want an ESA letter for traveling or housing purpose and pay for it. Both usually need to be renewed once a year, since airport authorities do not approve letters that are older than a year. After patients have gone through all of these steps, the institution will give them an approved ESA letter. Those who already got the letter have to bring it when they move in or check-in into flights.