Usages of WhatsApp for Web

install whatsapp for web

You probably already have a WhatsApp account for your mobile devices, but you still need the web version so you can also access it when you are using the PC or computer. Don’t worry, you can enjoy the so called WhatsApp for web, which has just recently been designed and released for computer users. Although this web version has its own limitation, there are some handy usages and features that can help you with your everyday communication needs.

About WhatsApp Web

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is truly a handy and useful chatting application. However, some people claim that it is pretty restricted and limited in the operation because it is only available for mobile devices. Although the application can be used to send text messages, videos, or images, people think that it will be more useful if they can also use the program on the computer.

That’s why WhatsApp for web is then designed and developed. However, this application is considered as supplemental program. It means that you can’t have a different or separated account for two different accounts on two different devices. You need to create an account for the mobile phone first, and then download the available program for the PC. You need to sync it so the account can run on both your mobile device and also your computer.

Installing the Web Version

So, how do you install WhatsApp for web, anyway? You need to log into the official site, download the provided link, and let the program scan your unique QR code. If your computer meets all the requirements and everything is compatible, you should be able to install the web software within your PC. Keep in mind that it is better for you to use Safari browser, if you use Mac OS X. If you use Windows, all browsers can do it, except for Internet Explorer.